Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worthy of telling....

I have to say that I thought of all of you this morning! So I figured that this would be worthy of a quick post. If you remember, the post from the other day I mentioned our anticipation of the annual migration of the 2 tundra swans to the lake, and the lack of presence of termination dust. Well, the next day (yesterday) we came home from work to find the 2 tundra swans out floating on the lake! Woo-hoo!! And, we woke to the news that there was snow overnight in the mountains. So, it's on!

This morning we woke up to 25 degrees out and frost everywhere. Not quite adjusted to the coming season of cold, my nipples where pert as I walked out in the morning nip. And last but by no means least, some yee-haa from Florida called Maryann this morning at 4:10AM about making reservations. Thank God and thankfully for him she turned her phone down last night and we were both so asleep we didn't here it. With me burning the wick at both ends right now with work and probably would have gotten ugly! (hee hee) Gotta run!

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