Thursday, June 4, 2009

The word that I've heard.

It took a while. It is like hush hush or something. Like if I know too much a black SUV with tinted windows will pull up, Jack Bauer will jump out and I will disappear. But the word came down. At least the short version! Yes, there was a fire at the refinery the other night. It was an electrical fire in one of the units. Fortunately nobody on site was hurt, although just minutes before it occurred there were people in that area, so we are lucky nobody got hurt. As for John Q. Public....your guess is as good as mine. It is said that the public would be notified if anything serious happened, and I have heard that from more than one person over time. But sitting there in my truck, thinking through my mind what I would do if at any moment the sirens went off, or the automated call came in. Scary Mary and crazy Larry I tell you! But this was info from a personal....shall we say, source?! Nothing in the papers, nothing on the news. Hmmmm. But life is all settled down, and from what my....source...tells me, they are still investigating the cause and that unit is shut down completely until. So there it is, the latest and greatest! Intense cliff hanger, huh?!

Onto bigger things. John is officially out and son, if you read this don't be offended....but life is good! It is sad to see the empty room. But knowing that soon I will be tearing into it and beginning the mini renovate we have been wanting to do, and then what the end result will be. It makes for smiles and abundant glee. All in all we are both happy for the dude, and we know he will do just fine. The sun has been in and out as of late. Right now there are two very annoying little bush twits pecking at the family room window and freaking the dogs out. They have been at it for about an hour and a half now, and I cant seem to get them to go on their way. Frankly, I am a bit frightened that if I try to go out and scare them off, they may try to peck my.....oh forget it, it is just freaky, man! Who are you and what do you want??? We have been getting a regular drizzle every other day though. My fear is that we are starting to look like last summer. No sun, clouds, and rain. UGH! Lets just hope it is temporary for now and the sun will prevail. We are nearing the solstice soon. The longest day of the summer. The day the sun never seems to go down!

We Alaskans are honored to know that as of Tuesday June 2nd, we were blessed with a visit by our Nations Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, at Fort Greely the northern most missile defense base for the northern hemisphere. You know, the one that would take out any incoming ICBMs from Asia or Russia. This is what he had to say, “That does'nt mean I think any less of missile defense — I told the Congress I’m a very strong supporter of missile defense — but I think we need to put the money where we can get some value out of it,” So I am figuring Mr. Gates, what you are saying is that we really don't need any missile defense, considering that North Korea is on a rampage and has about developed a long range missile that can reach Alaska? “It’s not a forever decision, and if capabilities in one of these rogue states should develop faster or in a more worrisome way than anyone anticipates, then I think the way is open in the future to add to the number of silos and interceptors up here,” Gates said. No truer words could be spoken from a bigger jackass. So what is it Bill...."are you on or off the bus" (quoted by the late Ken Kesey of the Merry Pranksters) (which by the way, Maryann got a personal letter from Kens wife last joke!) I know I know, I would never get political in our blog..... And I am not. I am not saying a word about the Obama administration. I am just amazed that we still have not learned our lesson. Keep up the good work guys! Palin in 2012! Ok so now that I have given myself gas, I am going to go for now. Just thought I would share the word, the skinny, and the crap that has been on my mind the past couple of days! Hope all is well in the other part of the world. Us Eskimos are pretty isolated and primitive up here. If we see any incoming scuds we will just throw stones and spears at it to bring it down, no worries here! For now! Our love.


Anonymous said...

When I was reading your comments my first response was "Greg's getting political". But it isn't political. You see, because of Palin, and how she was brutalized by the press and the Democrats. Because of the threat she is to the feminist movement. Because she can lead a State and not sink them into bankrupsy. Because she is easy on the eyes, a large group of losers hate her and the people of Alaska. So no it's not political, it's personal. Alaskans are decent, and they are tough. Therefore, they are despised by the scum leftists that would celebrate if Alaska were to take a hit. Keep up the good work.

. said...

What those that you speak of dont see is that if Alaska takes a hit, they fail to see in their self indulgence is that they will be next. Thanks for the positive reinforcement that I 'seek'. Just my opinion but similar to the peaceful Middle Eastern countries that choose to allow extremists to operate in their back yards and do nothing to stop it, as it doesn't affect them. Yet.