Sunday, June 7, 2009

'Stage Of Life'

Would you believe that after over 48 hours, that bush twit is still pecking at the same window?! What is up with this guy! The dogs have become immune to the distraction and Maryann is amazed yet baffled. I just shrug my head..... To each his own!

Exciting news! Recently I published a post here on the blog titled Congratulations! , in honor of Johns successful completion of his schooling. Apparently this post brought about some attention both in the form of tears and in the form of interest in my writing. Shortly after the post I received a comment from a successful businessman and knowledgable entrepreneur who recently started a 'lifestyle' website. Actually it is more than just a lifestyle site, as it allows everyday folks like you or myself to both read and comment on issues that face each and every one of us at one point or the other in our lives. From high school through retirement, this site provides the public with real time wisdom and knowledge from the people who 'have already been there and done that'. It offers suggestions and guidance to those who are moving through life's stages!

I was approached through that comment on our blog and was offered a place as a featured writer on this amazing website! I am just getting started, but will be venturing into this new and exciting opportunity to write and share some of the stages of my life that I have experienced. Such as 'Raising A Family', under which category I just published my first post. Life after. - Raising A Family Blog - Stage of Life - Stage of Life - Rewards for Life's Journey > Stage - Raising a Family > Posts, or any other stage that I feel I can contribute to.

You don't have to sign up to read the many wonderful posts from the knowledgeable writers or questions from other viewers. The benefit of signing up is that you can then participate in question and answer type forums, and as an added benfit you do get all kinds of discounts and bargains from such common merchants as Target, Amazon and too many others to mention. You will find all kinds of savings on shopping, merchandise, services, travel, health, food, books, music and more, just for signing up. I won't give any details but I just saved about $50.00 on a service that I regularly use just for becoming a member. There are no obligations, and no shenanigans involved, so I encourage you all to at very least, check it out and support me as a writer. In doing so you will also be supporting those many people both young and old who are experiencing new stages in their lives and just need a suggestion, opinion or some good encouragement.

I am excited about the opportunity that has reached out to me. I look forward to continuing not only my posts here on kenaialaskaorbust, but also to publishing posts and essays on Stage of Life. To be given the chance to be able to comment answers to questions, and share my experiences is an honor, and at the same time I find my knowledge expanding from the truth of others. To be able to learn something new everyday, grow and expand our horizons...what a wonderful thing! Take care for now, and hope you will continue to share this experience with me. Love to all!

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