Friday, May 14, 2010

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn....SAY WHAT!?

Greg's going to vent so if you are cleared fear not.....if you are the offender, and I think you know who you are, you have this coming.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the family, friends, and otherwise who graced us with the chance to see them during our visit in April.  We realize that not everybody got to see us as long as they may have wanted to.  And we realize that some didn't get to see us at all....some because of time and scheduling...and some because they are the ones who decided NOT to be there when we were visiting.  Unfortunately, time is often little and money to stay a little longer more difficult to come by.  But, we do what we can and love the fact that we were welcomed by 99.98% of whom we wanted to see.  We loved the chance to see everyone who we could, and are sorry for those who CHOSE not to be around so that we could conveniently not see them.

But I have to say this one thing.  Family is family.  There is no reasonable excuse of why family could or would choose to be absent when they know their loved one will be in town.  I mean, it is not like we get down to see family once a month.  In fact I think most would understand because it has been made obvious that not everybody has the ways nor the means to come up here to visit.  We all have our own lives and cannot always drop on a dime to accommodate others.  But where I come don't shit on family.  So a heartfelt gratitude to those who were there....and to those who CHOSE not to be there, the loss was truly yours.  How can anybody feel upset that they didn't get to see a family member who didn't want to see them in the first place.  Life is short and you aren't getting any younger.  Your misguided interpretations only hurt yourself and steal your chance to be loved.

Oh, we could have visited and still stayed the night at a there is really no reason there in that crap, there!  Sorry you feel pissed on.  It hurts us more than it angers us, so if your intention was to deliver pain to your did it....again!  Congratulations.  It seems like a lifetime of pain and punishment for what or why, we know not.  Truth is that you are the one that hurts and instead of figuring out why you hurt so much, it is easier to take it out on someone else, even if it is your immediate family for Pete's sake.  The two of us band together, most especially in a shit storm.  So, if it is meant for her, than it rains on me as well.  The thing of it is that you fail to see is that I will be her umbrella, and she will be my shelter.  Oh we still love you despite the way you have chosen to disown us. 
Forgive them for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)


Michelle said...

You are both loved by me. I know I am not your blood but you are family to me. I wish I could have seen the both of you but distance, family and health issues are my cause. I wish I got to experience the joy, laughter and love that you bring into this world. You are dear close friends (family to me), that lives so far away but always on my mind and close in my heart. One doesn’t know what life holds for us, so take the time to share with others when they are around…one day, they wouldn’t be.

Greg said...

Michelle. We feel the same! We never could have imagined when we met you on the boat June 2007 and the time you spent living here with us, that summer, that years later we would still be so close. For the little time we spent with you back in October the memories are heartfelt! I will never forget our night walk to Karen Carpenters house and the quality time we spent in such a small window of opportunity! Yes, you are so right and I guess in leau of recent events in your life, you know better than some exactly what it means to enjoy the time we have. I guess some people have some learning still to do. Take care. Love you!