Sunday, May 30, 2010

Following in the foot steps.

We got an interesting phone call from John the other day.  Seems like the our son is following in the foot steps of his parents when it comes to taking a calculated risk!  He is jumping off!!  As some know and as still others may not, our son has been set in the physical sense, to take on a role in the Alaska Division of Forestry.  He has certifications, passed physical agility requirements, has made some connections.  Yet he has been a little weary of making the effort to proceed forward.  Worried about whether or not he would get full time work with the forestry, how it would affect his already good paying full time job, where it would put him with his life, etc, has all been on this poor boys mind, clouding his senses and future visions.

That all may well have changed the other day whether he meant it to or not.  It seems that in one day, John both quit his day job, and landed a job with the Division of Forestry!  'Jump off Johnny' ordered his gear a few weeks back, and after receiving it and trying it on thought he 'fit the suit'.  I guess this stirred something in the boy.  After getting no response from his contacts with Central Emergency Services,  he got frustrated and decided to go out to the forestry department.  He spoke to one of the guys he had dealt with in the past and found out that unknown to him until now, his Red card....not to be mistaken for a Green card....had expired.  The guy found out that he had his gear and Red card and told him that now he has a job with the Division of Forestry, but needed to retake his physical agility test to get his Red card re-certified.  This is where John about lost hope.

You see, last year he was fit, had trained.....was in the best shape of his life!  But being out of school, he has learned how weight seems to find you, it is easier to let that shape your in, lose itself and essentially he has let himself go, thinking he once again had life by the b@!!s.  But in fact, life once again proved to have him by the b@!!s, a revelation that seems to continually present itself to him since he has become independent!  His guy told him right there in the same breath as "you have a job" that he would meet John at the high school the next day to do his agility test.  John freaked because the agility test is a 2 mile run with 60 pounds of equipment on his back in under 20 minutes.  As I have stated before, I do this daily....what is the big deal! (hee hee)  As it turned out, they only made him run a mile and a half in 10 minutes....something I also do daily (wink)....with no equipment on his back.  John amazed himself and the head honcho, as he came in just under time and passed...again!

So here we sit, waiting to see what the new week will bring.  He apparently gave his 2 week notice to work, but was told that they don't like to let people finish out their time when they quit.  Not sure what is up with that, but I guess a few words sometimes speak oodles about a company and where the appreciation of hard and diligent work lies.  We are pretty amazed with his decision to just jump off like he did.  Apparently he was surprised to find out that a kid not much older than he, was out there working the other day and explained to John all that he had done with the Division the past year, and that he has kept on full time.  All of that worry on our sons part was needless, but understood.  Say a prayer for the boy, but it is looking like he is well on his way!

We  had a great visit with our friends Ted and Patty.  They got to see much of the peninsula as well as a good sense of the southeast pan handle during their cruise up here.  I included a few pics to instill a tiny little bit, of the activity we enjoyed with them.  Meantime, last week showed to be the week that many of the cow moose began dropping their calves.  Maryann spotted "all legs" as she put it, wandering through the property yesterday, so it seems like we may have a brood here again this year!

A night at the races!

Ted and Patty!

On a lighter note, Maryann finally got a piece of mind for those walks she likes to do with the dog(s).  She has no problem carrying a bear gun, however she is a little apprehensive of the recoil.  As she says, 'she doesn't want to be thrown backwards 18 feet'.  I think she got that idea from the way pops wobbled like a weeble  after he shot it for the first time last year!  In his defense, I had hot loads in the chamber (snicker).  She says when she is with me that she is confident that I have the hand cannon department under control.  So for those times she is walking without me, or has the need to feel self reliant in the face of adversity,  we got her some bear mace!  Proudly displayed by 'Buddy' the bear, our resident bear buddy!!  

 Funny story.  We took Ted and Patty to the glacier in Seward after picking them up from the boat terminal last week.  As we walked the still snow covered trail to the glacier, a couple...not from around here...walked past Maryann and commented to her, "look, she is wearing sandal's in the snow....and what's with that fire extinguisher....?"  I guess that is what you get from city folk who don't understand the essence of self preservation in grizzly bear territory!

Thanks for the kudos on the 'well tutorial' Doug!  It is interesting to appreciate the strife we go through to get our water.  Coincidentally, it is still like being in another world around here with our divine water.  Thanks to everyone who posts comments.  It is nice to hear from viewers, and such.  As of late, our site has begun to be plagued by spammers and people trying to sell their crap, via the comment section.  Apparently this is an ongoing issue with Blogger.  From now on I will moderate comments to weed out the crap and post the good, but always welcome anyone to long as it's good! lol  In regards to the last post, I am sorry for anyone who has no clue.  This site is a creative outlet.  As well, it is an outlet for expression.  And sometimes, even I need to vent.  Sadly, there are those in this world who can easily talk smack behind peoples backs but have no self dignity to muster up the sense to speak the truth of their minds, to another.  Yet, they will go on like everything is hunky dory.  Well, it aint!  For years, I have watched you walk all over my wifes feelings like they are an expendable pile of nothing to you.   I know in your heart that is not true....they do mean something to you, yet you are afraid of addressing them.  There is no love lost here mind you.  You are still family, even though you try to deny that to yourself and us.  When your ready to talk and open have our number.  Until then, quit dragging our name through the mud unless you intend to say it to us yourself!  It is only a descent and human thing to do.  We are human.  For those who are still lost as the book!  Oh it will be in the book.  It will all be in the book!!

With the sun rising at 4:45AM and setting at 11:30PM.....we are on the prowl here in the great land!  Nite!

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Anonymous said...

Having worked shoulder to shoulder and graduated with John from Greg's High Altitude Training Camp (GHATC), I am very confident that John will excell at this new challenge. GHATC has made us both bitter, oops I mean better, men. Good luck John. Happy Birthday Greg.