Monday, April 12, 2010

In, from the outside.

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After a 10 day sabbatical outside, we have resumed back to a normal existance here in the place we love.  For those who have never followed the phrase, "outside" is a term used by Alaskans when they have traveled to the lower 48 or other parts of the world for that matter.  I believe it is derived from the mere and simple fact, that we are very much isolated here from America, life is different, and day to day much simpler.

It was a good trip for us.  A break from the ice and snow, a chance to see greenery, birds and other life forms that up to now have been virtually non existent through our long winter.  We had a few really quality visits.  We saw much of my family, a few friends who met with us for a lunch out.  Unfortunately there were many people we would have liked to have seen, but can only afford so much time in a trip.  And then there were the ones who chose to opt out of visiting.  Some for good reason, and some for reasons of which for the past 15 years have yet been able to fully comprehend.  To top it off we had a great stay for a week in Pacific Grove, our true home away from home.  What a great time!

You know, I had such a great time that I totally forgot to take pictures!  But I did manage to get a few on the way home.  At 30,000 feet traveling at an average of 500 miles per hour, a guy can only do so much with a camera.  Especially when they don't even clean the windows on the plane!  We flew over the southeast end of Alaska, the pan handle, on the way back.  There are many, many islands, and waterways throughout the souteast.  It is referred to as the 'inside passage' the route taken by barges, cruise ships and of course, the Alaska Marine Highway system, the mode of transport we chose to move to the great land.  Here goes.  By the way, most of the white fluffies in the photos are the tips of mountains and high peaks.....not clouds!  some cool aerials of glaciers in the beginning, spectacular examples of alluvial flow in the last few, and just total eye candy in between!  Enjoy.

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Ange said...

Those are some pretty outstanding pictures considering the plane windows were dirty! They are lovely!! So glad you had such a special time on your visit with family and friends. Makes me think of how much I enjoyed my trip back East. Even though the purpose of the visit was to attend my grandfather's funeral, it was still a special time. Many friendships from the past were resurrected. Sometimes I wonder if we will move back one day. It is my heart and hope since my parents are getting on up in age. May God's will be done! Keep on sharing your many gifts...not only are you a great writer but you have a sweet way with the camera too. Practice! Practice! Take care!!