Saturday, April 24, 2010

Down to 98....and feelin great!

Wednesday was the day we have anticipated for almost three years.  The day we prayed would someday arrive.  The day we would vindicate the existence of real water somewhere on the property.  When I was younger, my dad used to use the expression, "colder than a well diggers ass" when he felt the frigid temperature at any given time would justify the use of such a term.  I found out Wednesday after believing this phrase for so much of my life, that in fact there really is nothing cold about well diggers' behinds in the 21st century!
 The butts on these 'well diggers' look anything but cold as they pull the old pump out of the old well.

Tuesday night ended with this spectacular sight, as the well rigs about looked as big as the house, a comment Maryann made which quite literally may have held water!  The following morning, at 'well diggers' hours....10:15AM....the crew showed up and the digging commenced.  Actually, for all  intents and purposes, they sunk the first 20 feet Tuesday night....getting warmed up for the real deal....
By Wednesday around 1:30PM, at 98 feet they struck pay dirt.....or rather liquid gold!  Odorless, tasteless, clean, clear and very drinkable water!  After 3 years of repugnant water, we have found salvation!
 Cherokee is pretty darned happy about it as well!

Yes!  The sight I have yearned for!!  Water!!!


 Lowering the new pump into the new well.  It is a time to sing.

All said, it went ....well.  We are now indulging in pleasurable water.  98 feet set us right into a nice gravel bed, which is a natural filter in effect.  Before we started we were at 14 ppm of iron in our water.  That is 14 parts per million for those who count!  Now, we sit at a pretty .04 ppm, over half less than 1 part per illustrated below with the test tubes.
We will still use the softener because the water although pure as sunshine is a little hard.  Our bodies have adapted to softer water throughout the scourge of nasty water here at the compound.  

Northland  Drilling did the work.  What a great company to have do your drilling.  Northland is the only company in the United States that is owned and operated by women!  There is one company in Arizona that is owned by a woman, but run by men.  So this makes them a very unique operation.  Originally when the father owned the business, the rigs were green.  Dana and Janette decided when they took over the company that Green was seeming to be their bad luck, so they painted all their!  And the luck has been grand ever since.  They were very timely, fun to work with, professional, shared their wisdom and educated us, and were very reasonable in their price.....considering after all it is a well.  Not cheap, man!  Sometime this summer I will trench down 10 feet from the old well head over to the new.  Then they will come back to permanently connect the new pitless to the water line running into the house.  Right now it is just temorarily hooked up, looping out of the new well into the old.  But it is operable and heaven on earth!

To end this story I will say this.  For as long as I can remember, the first thing I do in the morning is splash cold ass water on my is invigorating to me.  It gets the blood flowing...instantly... and brings life to the pores and the morning soul.  Great way to start a day.  For the past three years, due to the absolute lack of descent water and the foul smell that has come out of any of the faucets,  I have not had the desire to splash that cold life onto my face in the mornings.  For three years I have not.  Sucks!  But today, once again I pour life unto my head.....a baptism of I once again begin each day with frigid delight, and confidence!

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