Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red eyes, but happy happy joy joy!

Just thought I would update. Yes Erin, it is true.....this kind of thing does in fact happen all of the time according to the customer rep M spoke with at Alaska Air while she tried to straighten the mess out. Thus, I am convinced that the airline industry has found a niche to have fun and make coin at our expenses! I am surprised Peter Greenberg has never pinned this one! Or maybe he has and I have missed it.

In any event, John was rescheduled to leave Anchorage at 6:00AM on the 20th. He flew out of Kenai on Era, the small local company for in state Alaska travel, at 10:40PM on the 19th. Yes, if you have done the math, his penance was that he would be bored out of his pickin mind for nearly 7 hours in the Anchorage airport terminal! Remember, his own undoing. But there is a God and God did rein down upon our son mercy. When he checked in last night at Anchorage at 11:00PM or so, he was offered an early flight out at midnight. At no additional cost, he accepted and arrived in San Fransisco at about 8:00AM this morning as opposed to getting there at his original time of 2:30PM this afternoon. Still a whole day late, but nonetheless there. Woo-hoo, man!

His friends got the call at around midnight before he departed Anchorage that they would need to get up a little earlier than they expected to be able to pick him up when he got into SFO. But when I spoke to him this morning as he was getting his luggage, they were arriving in the parking lot to get him. So, he is there, sounded very happy and relieved and is more than likely right now as we speak having fun somewhere in San Fransisco, hopefully not in the Mission! We did try to rehearse him on where not to be in the city!!

So, all's well that ends well, hundreds of extra dollars later, and a head full of red eyes.

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