Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, to eat again.

At the end of a good fulfilling Sunday, what better thing to do than sit down with your wife in front of the tele to watch a movie together, in front of the fire.  Dogs were pretty excited about it, because a movie in the human world equates to popcorn being thrown continuously to the doggies!  Fire up the sound system, for good audio effect, get into your comfies.  And!

Saturday night I got called into Kenai  for a service call.  After hours calls are money makers so I don't mind, and it looked to be a quickie anyways.  So Maryann came along for the ride.  We had a nice dinner out at the Uptown Motel and afterwards ran over to the video store to grab a couple of movies to watch over the next couple of nights.  Last night was the first and pretty good.  Fast forward to tonight.

So after popping the popcorn, and dialing in the sound system.  Did I ever tell you how Maryann and I got back together after being apart for several years?  It was back when the west coast had an epidemic breakout of ecoli, from tainted burgers with Jack In The Box, back around 1992/93.  Yup, I was an official statistic.  After slamming a couple of bad burgers, I found myself dieing in my apartment, completely laid out.  I had been puking all day, smelled of "sick" felt like death worn over, and as I laid on my couch with my sister keeping watch on my dieing ass, there hence comes a knock on my door.  As my sister opens the door and I roll my head to see who had come to bid me farewell, there was Maryann.  I had seen her briefly months before for the first time in 4 years, and tonight she came to see me because she had moved back to town.  Couldn't have picked a better night to stop by!  So love sprouted that night, despite Jack In The Box and mad meat!  Your wondering how this is relevant to the story I was telling, aren't you.

So as M loads the DVD in the player, after the coming features are previewed, on comes the show.  But this is no show.  Unannounced to me this would be the DVD that may well be the end of my eating.  If you ever wanted to go on a diet, and just can't seem to pull it off.....go out and get the DVD called "Food Inc".  If this doesn't change your mind about ever eating again, you are already in trouble anyways!

In all seriousness, for nearly a decade and a half, M and I have already been in tune to the shenanigans that the food industry is up to, where our real nutrition has gone, and how our government has allowed these injustices to continue.  It is absolutely sickening, and so many people including more than likely you, the reader, have not much of a clue how cheated you have been by an industry, and the government that is supposed to look out for us, our health, our safety.  You have a doubt.....go get the movie!  Read up on it, it is public is real!!

The relevance of my bout with ecoli and this post is simple.  As I was telling that brief story of one of the worst illnesses I ever had (until the tainted chicken episode a month and a half ago), I was watching the story of someone else who had ecoli from ol Jack the same time I did.  This little boy wasn't as fortunate as I.  His systems shut down and he died slowly.  I got to listen to his mother tell the story of her precious sons death, due to practices in the food industry.  An industry that seems normal, but is about as corrupt as any crime we have ever witnessed, yet is perfectly legal and unchecked because so many people are misinformed and/or clueless.  And we are wondering why so many people have so many illnesses and are dieing from cancer and other incurable diseases.

As I said, we have been on to this for a while.  But recently M has become more aware of the evolution of the food industry.  In many cases we are simply not eating food anymore.  It is literally chemicals and genetically engineered filler.  After watching this, I have lost my appetite.  We are so conditioned to eating out of habit, memories, and boredom that it may be really difficult to pass up what is bad for you.  And of course the fact that you think so many things are good for you, yet they really aren't doing your body or metabolism any justice.  Yes, this may be the night I never eat again!  This may have been the last supper for me.  Go get the movie.  "Food Inc".  It is sure to make you a little more weary the next time you go to get your favorite crap food!

Oh, and once again, NAFTA has bitten us in the ass!  Thanks Bill.  I hear your wife ol Hilary, our beloved Secretary Of State is working silently and diligently with anti gunners in the U.N. to put a worldwide ban on firearms and firearm trade, in an attempt to steal our second amendment rights from under us.  I dont really know.  Once is ignorance, twice is stupidity!

A footnote:  The movie just ended and I do have one thing to add.  There is hope despite my descriptive despair.  "We" can make a difference.  Much like the way so much power and influence was taken away from the cigarette industry for example, through education and our voices speaking out with what we choose to buy, we can change this.  We have the power to eat healthy!  Maryann has asked me if I want to go into Kenai and do a Mc Donalds run tonight before bed.  Twisted sick little monkey she is!

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