Friday, May 15, 2009


The day we took our beach back!

It reminds me of the moment at Woodstock where the peaceful masses, present for a weekend of love music and peace found it no longer a necessity to be kept out of somewhere every red blooded American wanted to be. And so the gates were crashed, and the masses flooded in. A peaceful protest and gathering of community at the public beach in Nikiski. If you remember a while back, I mentioned how we have lost our right to access the beach due to the alleged 'Homeland Security' regulations put into place by the company, Peak, which "leases" the land used to access the public beach. And some people had just had enough. There was a time not long ago where a guard shack, and a gate did not exist. Anybody who wanted to spend time on their beach could with no hassle and no restriction. Thanks to local photographer Ron Leonard of Ron Leonard Photography
we can see how the day panned, that we took back our beach for a day of community awareness. Hopefully it got the point pressedhome to those who feel it their duty to put a permanent end to those days of freedom. And it is my understanding that other peaceful points of view will be staged again, and again. Summer's here and the time is right...

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