Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome, to 'the real world'.

Life after liberty. Yes, a free room. A significant cut in the grocery tab. Utilities will be reduced. Peace in the household. Yet, an emptiness will ensue. The smartassed remarks, no more cocky attitude, less the need to label the leftovers like some dog who has to mark his territory.... Yes, an emptiness will ensue.... (snicker) I look at the chores that will now once again be in my resume. Funny how life comes full circle, aint it! Once again, I will find myself with dogie poop duty. Taking out the trash. Loading the dishwasher. But, think of the character these menial tasks have built and the responsibility they have fulfilled. They helped to shape us into who we are, enabled us to empower our kid to be who he is....and now I guess we need some more character, because here we go again. Ooof.

Funny story. John informed us a month ago that he was moving that weekend. We subtly encouraged him to just stick it out til he graduates. Reluctantly he agreed to abide our wishes. And here we are, several days now after graduation.....and the kid is still here. He hasn't left yet. Hmmm. Cold feet? Doubt it. Loves his parents too much to go....yeah/no. Procrastination? Now there is a distinct possibility. We even came home after going to the movies with my folks tonight to find his newly acquired ride-on lawn mower parked and under maintenance, parts scattered along my driveway. Moving out. I am moving out, he says. I'm sorry, does it seem like I am anxious for him to go?! (again....snicker) John was very good at procrastination before 'the real world'. For example, towards the end of his term, he would wake up at 7:15AM, and walk out the door for school at 7:20AM. Just the 2nd day into it folks. Day 2 in 'the real world'. He wakes up today at 8:20AM, walks out the door to leave for work at 8:25AM, finds his battery dead because he forgot to turn off his stereo system last night, come to find out that his boss called him at 8:20 AM to tell him he was supposed to be at work at 8:00AM and where was he?! Yes, day 2 of the real world. I say this all in love, and with a giggle. For all of those times you complained about the little things bud, welcome to 'the real world'!!

Enough said about the excitement of our house being quiet, the newly acquired chores, and the real world. Now on to the good stuff. You would think that after 16 years of preparation, we would have the camera ready to go the other night. But as I sadly discovered as the graduates were entering the floor.....the dag-gummed battery in the camera was dead! Thank God for pops, as he was on it with a charged cell. So, courtesy of his functional camera, here goes some pics of the occasion!


The Boehme Family said...

Although I have never seen him in person, tell him I like the haircut!

"Jenks" said...

ahh tell John Congratulations! I can't believe how "big" he is. He's lost all the baby face and has turned into such a handsome man. He actually looks like mom now I think. Tell him not girly just those good looking features haha. Cody is a senior this year and although I want him to fly on his own as you say I don't know if I'm ready for my baby to leave yet :0( I think I need another two years to prepare him for that Real World LOL.