Saturday, April 4, 2009

Senior Prom

The one thing every parent dreads....Senior Prom! It is simply another reminder that your child is no longer a child and soon will be flying free in the big real-time world. And so tonight, John and his beautiful date are out having the time of their lives. And for note: he wanted to take the Chevelle! HA!! After his irreputable image as a traffic scofflaw, coupled with the ice and snow still prevalent on some of the roads....what do you think the answer was? But, you gotta give the guy credit for mustering up the courage to ask such an impudent question. Jeniffer's dad has a Chevelle also, so she was in on the 'question'!! Apparently she has a thing for Chevelle's much like her Prom date. That said we are happy for them both because they are very cute together and do get along so well when they are together.

We were given a week long reprieve from Mt Redoubt with the activity limited to gas, steam and miner ash emission. No major eruptions have occurred all week....until this morning at 6:00AM. So far today that has been the only event. We are still fortunate to be out of the cross hairs from anymore ash. This is good news. Homer on the other hand was not so fortunate. These are pics that were posted on the AVO website from this mornings eruption and it's effects in Homer.

This picture was taken at 8:00AM and the sun is up with daylight present at this time.

Again, this is around 8:00AM.

The is supposed to be Spring, man. We were getting into the mid 30's there and then we got more snow (woo-hoo!). the nights are supposed to be getting down in the teens and single digits the next few days and there is rumor of possible snow later in the week (woo-hoo, but not without a caveat: I love the snow, and I love the money it brings... but.) If we don't get some meltage happening here soon, my parents will be visiting in May with snow suits! And they don't have any!! How funny is that!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hoo Sonny smirf,
I know where there are a few snow suits waiting up there for us:-)))
and its not at the sporting store.
Is you lake still frozen over?
The prom pictures are great. What a great looking couple. Still tennis shoes, they must have special treads for the snow, not the old slip and slide that we use to ware down here. Poor Homer that's bad.
I mapped out going through Canada, and I think we will try to fly
Talk to you soon