Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dissappointment and lack of sleep.

I find myself running into that all too familiar situation that most Alaskans find themselves entwined in during these months. I can't sleep! It is 11:00PM right now and I just came in from pottying the dogs. Maryann is passed out, and although I am feeling a bit just got dark! The past week I have been finding the hours getting later to sleep and the hour getting earlier to wake. And if this summer is like last's only going to get worse! But somehow miraculously enough, we find ourselves energized by the daylight and able to cope with less sleep. And with the weather finally warming up there soon enough will be nights that will not only be sleepless, but filled with outdoor activity during the 'daylight endurance training' portion of the year!! Today the weather peaked at around 60 degrees or better out in Sterling and Soldotna. Although I was not home all day I think it was a little cooler in Nikiski since we do get the ocean breeze from the bay.

Here comes the disappointment which has nothing to do with sleepless nights. Now I have mentioned once or twice there are two topics of which I try to avoid within the writing of posts. One of these topics is politics. And I have to say I have done pretty good! But tonight I am bending the rule askew.

If there is the remote chance that you are easily offended by personal and/or political comments and views, it is probably best to sign off about here. However, I do respect the opinions of others and political affiliation of which they feel they are comfortable believing in. This is only my opinion. That said......

It is no secret or hidden fact to most that typically speaking when a Democratic President is elected that the portion of U.S. citizens that believe in and follow the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution Of The United States, which states the right to keep and bear arms, begin to feel threatened that this right will be taken away. And once again Mr. Obama, our savior, the one who will save the world from economic oppression and bring back the values and security that the U.S. needs to get back on her feet, is poised and ready to tamper with our rights. As if there is already not enough on dudes plate. Lets address the pig! Only this time around he is going about it in an underhanded and dangerous manner. The guns themselves will not be the first to go, but rather the primers needed to make ammunition. The mass panic that has followed the suggestion of this next move has prompted many gun owners to bear down purchasing guns at record numbers, and stockpiling ammunition and reloading supplies. This threat has created two things. An economic stimulus of sorts, as the amount of money that Alaskans alone have invested into guns and ammo since September 2008 when we realized the danger that we were about to be thrown into was real. They are continuing to do so at somewhat of an alarming rate. Again, I am only speaking of Alaskans.....we love our guns and the right to keep and carry them, although it is a nationwide panic. It "is" worse than than the pig flu. It as well brought people like myself into the realization that what I took for granted for so many right to keep and bears now forced to take a stance and stand up for what I believe in. I am pissed! It was in 2007 that the 2nd Amendment was challenged in the Supreme Court. The text in this Amendment says:
"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." These words were challenged as to whether this is meant for 'the individual peoples rights' or the 'states' right. The courts struck down the ban on handguns in the District Of Columbia and found it to be unconstitutional. This opened the door for gun advocates such as the NRA to begin their efforts to overturn a similar ban for example, in San Fransisco. In April of 2008 they succeeded in overturning the proposition that S.F. voters had passed in November of 2005. The shame in it all is what I see to be where does it end? Apparently not there. If we cant take away the guns we will take away the ammunition. Chicken shit! The argument that a civilized world does not need citizens arming themselves, or that the District Of Columbia's crime rate was reduced during the ban, or the 'carry concealed law' such as what we have the right in Alaska to observe, creates an environment of bloodshed and crime.....bullshit! The District Of Columbia is a jungle. You disarm the good citizens and it is the criminals who will have guns in the jungles of America. I have lived in this state now for about 2 years and have heard very little on the news of shootings and/or murder due to the right to carry a weapon. There is no mass murder rate. I think honestly more people in Alaska are killed as a cumulative by moose on our roads, drunk drivers, and grizzly bear attacks while hiking or jogging than there has ever been by guns. All that logic does not hold water with me. And what of murder. Is it a gun that kills each and every time? I still say it isn't guns that kill people, it is people who kill people. What about alcohol? I believe that there is a good probability that alcohol kills and maims more people in a year in this country than guns?? And maybe I am wrong about that. It is fact though that it does indeed kill. Why don't we take away alcohol? Why stop there. Lets make cigarettes illegal. Cigarettes and second hand smoke kills, right?! I suppose I can go on but what it comes down to is that we have to stand up for our rights. If an attempt to reinterpret the Constitution succeeds with one thing, what will it be next. It needs to stop. This is a blatant attempt by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party led by Mr. Obama to disarm Americans, virtually leaving us defenseless. And what of the subsistence population in Alaska? How are these natives and villagers to hunt for their food with the lack of weapons to do so. How are we to protect ourselves in the our own rural communities from charging moose or irritated grizzly bears? And what of the sport. What of those who take pride in competing and honing their targeting skills in honorable contests? What is freedom when there is no way left to protect ourselves? What is freedom when in fact we are no longer free to enjoy our freedoms? Those who are against firearms will continue to be, I am not going to try and change minds. But there are those of us who believe in our right and actively observe that right, and do participate in the sport, recreation, or ability to protect ourselves. It is legal in the State Of Alaska to carry a concealed weapon on ones person at any time excluding a few common sense situations such as in schools or courts for example. I asked a State Trooper Sergeant one day how Troopers handle this 'carry concealed law'. He simply stated that if they pull over someone who has a concealed weapon that the person is obligated to report it immediately to the Trooper making contact. Generally the Trooper will say "fair don't pull out yours and I won't pull out mine". Maryann asked a school mom when we moved here what kind of implementations were in place for Johns school in case of a school shooting or hostage situation. The woman looked at Maryann and said very frankly, "sweetie, don't worry, if anything was to ever happen, half the town would be here in less than 5 minutes and would have it resolved well before the Troopers could arrive to respond". Many areas of Alaska are rural and the only protection we have is the protection we carry. We all cannot rely on the police state in our country to protect us at all times from violence. It is also anyones right to have an interest in firearms strictly for the sport be it game hunting or target competition. Or for that matter like coins and stamps or any other hobby....just to collect. Educate yourselves. It is our responsibility to vote for leadership, and it also our responsibility to make sure our leaders are not leading us down a path of the extermination of our rights. One website that was recently brought to my attention was the Second Amendment Foundation. Google it. I never realized that the NRA actually sits in the U.N. Educate yourselves and decide whether you will take an interest and a civilized action to protect the rights that we have been given. Men and women have fought and died for the right for me to say this. Could you imagine tuning into this blog next week to find it is no longer in existence because of what I have written and that I have been taken away never to be seen again by friends and family? And you don't think this can happen?? I never thought they could take away my firearms. Chew on that thought! That is all for now. I am tired. Goodnight!

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The Boehme Family said...

Hey, at least you tuckered yourself out right? I don't follow politics much - lack of tv certainly takes care of that. I suppose you are right though, I should keep myself up to date at least on the internet.

It has been hard to get my kids to bed. It never fails they try to convince me that is isn't night yet.