Monday, September 1, 2008

What's in a name....

It seems somewhat interesting that we have found ourselves gravitating amongst some pretty interesting, popular and impacting names of late. Of course the biggest of names of which we have recently found ourselves associated to is our Governor, Sarah Palin. Wow, what a great honor to be nominated as the Vice President. Now one thing I made a personal promise to myself upon starting this blog was to avoid the open discussion of politics, which for the exception of a few small comments, I have been fairly successful in doing. And so I will continue this course of semi-silence of political aire. However, I do have to say it is a bitter sweet moment for many Alaskans upon this announcement. We will truly miss her and the courage and stability that she has put fourth in representing all Alaskans, our economy here, and our safety and welfare. If she does become the Vice President and does as good as a job with this as she has done in governing our state, than this country will only be a better place for us all. Kudos Sarah, we will miss you but the best of luck in the stepping stone of your political career. We are proud to say your our Governor. Funny story. That morning that the news became public, Maryann was out on a fishing boat on the Kenai River doing some Silver Salmon fishing with some lodge guests. Coincidentally, she casted 'like a girl' yet pulled in her limit within the first hour long before any other guy on the boat even had a bite. Needless to say, her guide was dumbfounded and continues to tell the tale of the girl who casted like a girl, and made sissies of them all! She found it comical as in the early morning quiet cool on the river, all of a sudden cell phone started to ring from all of the other boats around them, including the one she was on. Soon, there was open chat across the water from boat to boat of, "hey did you hear the news...." Of course, there were also the comments from some of why a woman is unqualified. Hey, Sarah owns a gun, has guts, brains and lives in Alaska.....makes her a qualified woman to me! Remember the woman who skunks all of the guys on the boat....! Good job honey!!

Now Maryann and I....and for that matter John, who in fact had and still has no idea who in the world the guy everyone was making all of the fuss and "to do" about, was.....had the very distinct honor of meeting, personally, another 'big name'. Those of you who were actively aware of pro football in the early 70's will remember the Miami Dolphins' MVP and Hall Of Famer Larry Csonka. Maryann played host to Larry and his wife at the lodge this past week. It seems he is doing a segment on his Outdoor Life series North To Alaska on All Alaska Outdoor Lodge. With any luck Maryann and I may very well be on this tv show as the camera man had panned over to us while we were.....yes, doing what I do best....eating, at the weekly cookout the lodge sponsors for it's guests and employees. My uncle Honey would be proud! My fork and my mouth may make national attention. It was exciting for me to be able to shake Larry's hand, and chat with him even if for a moment. I have no idea who the hell he was mind you. I was young then. But I am sure at some point all of my uncles, dad, and older cousins were yelling and cussing at him through the tv just like they did every other football player whose presence was graced on the screen back then! So look for us and Maryann's lodge on the Outdoor Life Channel. When, not sure. Check out and click on his North To Alaska series, and maybe sometime soon it will be announced on his tv schedule.

It seems like Fall may well be here. We are starting to notice the colors changing, and the things that usually happen in Fall, beginning to come about. I have got the plow all oiled up and ready to go, and we are shoring up the last of the firewood under cover. Just waiting for the snow to fly, and watching for the termination dust on the mountains around us. John and Maryann are well, and for those who really thought John was getting married, it was an inside joke. HA HA!.....HA! Yeah. Alrighty then, take care and by for now. Our love!

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