Saturday, September 13, 2008

Money for nothin.....or, Christmas in September!

It could be construed either way. One remark I heard today at Home Depot from a work worn man was, "this is my money and I can spend it any way I want"....I think he was yelling that at his wife! Other proud women and men strutted by with carts loaded down with new vanities, toilets, refrigerators and other appliances. I mean complete remodel stuff. At Fred Meyers' last night people were strolling past with not one, not two, but three shopping carts of clothes, food....big screen TV's, you name it. The bars and liquor store parking lots were packed. Some have expressed the need to buy more guns....a constitutional right, God bless America... All in all, no matter who it was, there was indeed an absolute attitude of 'freedom to spend' in the air. If you haven't figured it out by now, yes, yesterday was the day all Alaskans wait so eagerly for throughout the year. PFD's were direct deposited into bank accounts throughout the state. In fact, this year was a month early. It is usually October that the PFD is sent out. Could you imagine how free money could be readily available from the state government a month early? Sarah Palin, that's how. Long before she was nominated for the Vice Presidential run, she determined that she wanted Alaskans to have their funds distributed early this year. Her thought simply, "why make everyone wait for the money they need now". What a fu*^ing concept! In fact our Governor, Sarah Palin, gave Alaskans an extra special treat this year. You see, Alaska actually has a phat 'savings account' if you would. Because the state has done so well at budgeting money, we have a huge surplus. So, she passed the 'energy bill' which entitled all Alaskans to a one time rebate of $1200.00 to help offset rising energy costs, out of the states surplus fund. As well, the energy bill suspended the state gasoline tax for a year which immediately brought down the per gallon pump price, and has also made way for the state to take up excess costs per kilowatt hour for every household after a pre-determined base amount. With the PFD being the highest yet in it's history at a whopping $2069.00 per Alaskan resident. So with the $1200.00 rebate built into the PFD the direct deposit yesterday was $3269.00 per person. So one could easily see where the term "money for nothin" could easily ring true. And I imagine statewide sales more than likely got close to if not topped annual holiday season sales with everyone eager to spend their free money. Are you wondering what we, the Phillips' did with ours? I will tell you this, we by no means went on any spending spree, nor did we spend a red cent of it. Simply put we didn't see one damned penny of it! As we are....or I should say, were not considered Alaskan residents for the 2007 year. Our official residency stint began this year, January 1 2008 and we will be officially qualified for the 2008 PFD on January 1 2009. So next year, we will be receiving the fabled 'free money' when the PFD is sent out in October 2009. Whoo-frigin-hoo, huh?! But despite the absence of our 'money for nothin', we are still quite impressed and proud at the way our state handles it's funding and budgets. Sarah has been successful in pushing AGIA (Alaskan Gasline Inducement Act) which is making way for a Trans-Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline....we have major gas, man....which would run paralell to the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, down to Valdez to be processed and stored to be shipped world wide. There is talk of two spur lines that will supply natural gas to the South-Central Alaska gas grid for affordable gas here at home, as well as along the AlCan, the Alaskan/Canadain highway, to the midwest in the lower 48. So we are excited to be looking at the prospects of a re-birth of sorts, of the gone by years that Alaska experienced when the oil pipeline was built from Prudoe Bay down to Valdez. It began an era that has lucratively produced oil for decades, and led to the spending spree that most every Alaskan, with exception of our lucky asses, got the joy of experiencing yesterday, today and more than likely days to come! But our future looks like it may repeat itself, if we all get wise to utilizing the unimaginable supply of natural resources that we have right here in our own backyard. So, Marry Christmas all of you happy assed Alaskans that have free money on your mind! We will see you next year!! Until then, the Phillips' will pucker and pinch, what pennies we got. Good night for now.

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