Saturday, May 17, 2008

Those are some funny looking water.....fowl?

It's 9:45PM and it feels like 4:45PM and I just want to "do"! Yesterday I had the privledge of going into Anchorage with a few employees of Maryanns' lodge to do the annual "lodge supply run" at Costco, Sams Club, and a few other specialty stores. Was an 18 hour day long adventure of frustration, fun, sweat, and friendship. In any event, we got back to the peninsula at about 1:30AM and although the sun had set, the horizon was still illuminated enough that it was not totally dark. That time of almost 24 hour daylight is coming fast!

John and his friend decided to pull out the kayaks and give them a float on the lake tonight. First time the boats were out actually, in Alaska. Good news is they made the trip and didn't sink! Those of you who remember the loading will remember the blue and yellow boats, courageously and stoically strapped to the top of Maryann's rig to make to 3000 plus mile journey by land and sea. The local wildlife on the lake got a rise to the presence of these foreign floating vessels on their waters. Since the last post our local loons have arrived for their seasonal return. This year we had the honor of seeing their 5 offspring return with them. It's just real peaceful to watch them float along. The cow mooses are starting to drop their calves. And with this is coming the howling call day and night. Just starting to feel the lively excitement of the sights and sounds we arrived to last year. Was an exciting time and left a really memorable impression that I think we will feel this time of year for many a year to come. Especially after a long winter. It was a long winter! The trees are all starting to bloom, and the grasses slowly starting to green. Wildflowers are all starting to poke up. The day was beautiful today with sun and a nice 60 degrees, a very welcomed feeling.

As of press, we are hoping that Johns rig will be officially sold tonight. yes, it's 9:45 PM and we will be making the sale tonight. With such daylight so late, stranger things happen late at night here! After putting alot of money into keeping up on maintenance, and watching it suck no other...we made a decision to just let it go. He is not sure what he wants now, but we will be looking for less of a 'toy' and more of reliability for him. Toys are fun, but spending money sucks, and God knows he spent some serious coin with it. Our other 'screwed by an Alaskan story'. Read it in the book! The good thing is that he made some good memories with his rig, and it will always be his first. Good luck John, better things are on the way.

Counting the days of the arrival of the Parisi's. We are really excited that our friends are on their way to share some time, see some Alaskan beauty and make some memories. My folks have reserved their airline tickets and will be here in August. We are really excited that they will be here during the bloom of the fireweed. That is something breathtaking to see. All in all we are just starting to feel really good about the coming summer. Well, the guy buying Johns rig just called and is on his way so I gotta go. HAve a happy Sunday, and for goodness sake....come and see us! Love to all.

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