Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Captain Morgan? Um, No-John

Well hello. It's been a long time since I've posted. I couldn't resist putting up these new pictures of John in his Commercial fishing gear. Is he The Gorton Fisherman or Captain Morgan? I will leave that for you to decide. Pretty funny huh? John will be starting commercial fishing as of the middle of June and through the month of July when the salmon is at it's heaviest. John will also be working at Ocean Beauty again when he's off the boat. :0) Anyway, he's pretty excited. The 3rd photo is of his new truck. He decided to get something newer and we're excited for him.

If you haven't noticed we've also finally defrosted here. The lake is moving and the trees are now leafing out. I didn't think it would ever come. Spring here is very slow versus Calaveras County when it seemed that the trees leafed out in a matter of hours. Although I have to admit I'm loving the long summer days here again. The sun comes up at about 4:45am and doesn't go down until midnight.

I have cherry tomatoes, beef steak tomatoes, green beans and squash growing in the greenhouse and every day I'm in there they have grown a few inches overnight. It's truly amazing. I will take some pictures of the plants once they are showing their fruit. John and I are going to be planting some pumpkins this summer too. The pumpkins don't generally arrive here from the lower states until a week or so before Halloween and we thought we'd grow our own this year. It should be exciting. Our strawberries are coming up in the beds near the lake and it's amazing that our resident bunnies or moose don't eat them. I have to stay away from some vegetables because of the length of sunlight we have they will immediately go to seed. This is why I'm not growing a variety of veggies.

My new job is truly a god send and there is definitely never a dull moment. I've got this great crew of housekeepers and lodge staff, it's truly too much fun. I haven't once thought of the Aspen. The only problem that I have is talking on the phone with guests and telling them to hold on while the float planes fly off the lake-it's extremely loud. It's exciting to have guests sitting on the phone in Arizona elated with the opportunity to be at the lodge within a few days.
The website to the lodge is

Take care and have a wonderful summer. Maryann, Greg, John, Cherokee and Kenai

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"Jenks" said...

wow great to hear that everything is happening out there. I can not wait to have a garden of my own. I never thought I would be like this but I guess with age you appreciate things a lot more. Not that I'm getting older in maturity though ha ha. Thank you so much for your always uplifting spirit to me. I love you guys and wish we could have spent so much more time with our families. But I am thankful that God brought you into my life and I know we/you aren't going anywhere and even if it has to be over the internet or playing phone tag thank you for being our friends.