Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Phillips Family

Well we're all at home today with different chores in mind, hanging the rest of the Christmas lights on the cabin and the garage, doing some painting in my studio (if it ever warms up) and maybe taking the dogs for a run on the beach. The last may not happen. It's generally colder on the beach because the bluffs act as a wind tunnel. This morning we just didn't get up in time before the winds kicked up to go down to the beach. We've been finding with the sun not making it's appearance until 10:30am it's harder to get out of bed. That and with my work schedule I'm still not getting home until midnight. This will change soon.
So, I'm sure you've seen the picture I've posted this afternoon of us on the swing. We did this today because so many people, mostly family, have been complaining that they want to start seeing pictures of us. Here we are.... We braved a -4 wind chill to take this picture for you. We actually took several but would have to race into the house to get warm in order to get a variety and choose the best to post. And yes, that is Greg with Cherokees Christmas Antlers on. Too cute. There will be more to come.
The tree is now up and lit, a gorgeous sight of 11 feet, no joke. It is beautiful, I will post that one next. Christmas shopping was easier than ever, the stores were not crowded and with only a few stores to choose from it has made the holidays much more special. We need to do some last minute things for the dogs and we're done. Yaah!
Other than that I have to say thanks to Yvette for commenting on her special tradition on my last blog. Yvette, you had me crying....what a wonderful way of celebrating in giving yourselves to people who don't get to see too much, if any of their own family. Wow, thanks for writing. I also wanted to say sorry for your loss. We're thinking of you all.
John received an Honorable Mention Award for his sketch on the previous blog and also given forms for a special scholarship through the art guild if he should want to pursue a career in art. Greg and I are very proud of him and his achievements. And I do agree with Yvettes last comment that TJ is proudly looking down upon John for his achievement also.
We will continue to post our pics of not only ourselves but of our holidays and wish you again a Merry Christmas. The Phillips' Family.

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blums said...

Hi guys...don't know if you use your old email id and didn't have an address for you to send a xmas card, but wanted to wish you all a great holiday! I read your blog every now & then, it is always entertaining, and what a beautiful new home you all have! Glad things are working out so well...take care, and have a happy one!
The Blums!