Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Traditions and The Other Artist

As a family that hasn't ever been away from family and friends during the holidays we're gathering our thoughts and ideas on how we can make these holidays memorable. Yes, we've had thoughts of building an ice cave on our property and serving Christmas dinner in it but I'm thinking that may be a little uncomfortable, although the dogs would sure enjoy it. Maybe constructing a zipline from our house above down across the lake for added, too dangerous. If you come up with anything let us know. But for now this is what we've done; Greg and John put up bright blue and white xmas lights on the cabin. Hopefully when I feel comfortable to walk across the surface of the lake I will get a picture of it. It is truly magical. With the sunlight diminishing and the Christmas lights on, I just can't explain how beautiful it is.

This past Monday John and I were shopping in Fred Meyer (local dept/grocery store in Soldotna) when we came across a Christmas tree with tiny tags of local needy children expressing what they would like to have for Christmas. John pulled a 5 yr old little girl who wanted an Island Princess Barbie and a new pair of shoes. He had such a great time, choosing her Barbie and a pink pair of Converse (Johns favorite shoe). I saw a tear in his eye when we payed for the items and left them for Salvation Army to pick up. John expressed to me how great he felt doing that for another person and wished that he could have at least enclosed a card. He did a wonderful thing and he's going to be on the lookout this spring for a 5 yr old with bright pink Converse. :0) So as of yet, this is what we have done to make our holidays special because it has been different. I will keep you posted as to the other minor details like the zip line and igloo.....don't hold your breath.

I'm saving the best for last here. John recently had an assignment in his art class, which consisted of sketching a picture of what he felt was Patriotism. This is his sketch which is hanging in the Kenai Peninsula Fine Arts gallery (the same place my experimental project was in) it is truly unique. The bottom right side says, "Silence of War Where Some Wounds Remain Unseen." The twin towers sit in the upper right corner above the soldiers head. There's about 30 drawings and they've been judged by the Womens Auxiliary and we're just waiting to see what the outcome is. I think John won when he sketched and entered this piece, it is truly dramatic and breathtaking to see.

We hope your all having a magical holiday season and know you are always being thought of by us. Please take a moment this year and do something (even if it is small) for someone in need.

The Phillips Family in Alaska.

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"Jenks" said...

Wow you really know how to make a girl cry. Tell John that was so nice of him and even though he didn't get to give a card that little girl knows there's a very special person out in the world who is like an angel. You guys have raised a wonderful son. The drawing is also just amazing. Must be in his genes to be such a great artist. I bet his cousin is looking down and just loves it.
We don't have family around either and we're always trying to find that special something to build memories on and just have a meaning in our lives. So finally last year I found it. Instead of fighting the crowd (mostly flatlanders) who come to church on Christmas Eve (cause it's the "right thing to do")and leaving more frustrated than filled, last year we started a new tradition. Me and the boys (cause Dave is usually working and the older people would rather see the kids anyways)go down to San Andreas Nursing home and spend the evening with them. They absolutely loved the kids, I took a friend who has 3 and her husband left her so she didn't know what she was going to do that Christmas. The kids had so much fun and Cayden and Brenna, who's the same age, went door to door giving teddy bears and then when we ran out of those cookies to the ones who still sat in their rooms alone. It broke my heart to see these "forgotten" people and then to see the joy and tear in their eyes to see these kids come to see them and spend time talking or playing with them. Oh man I'm crying again ha ha. That is more meaningful to me than anything else. Isn't that what Christmas is all about, giving. So each Christmas Eve that is where we will be spending our evening is with wonderful people who can teach my children wonderful morals and principles in life. Hopefully they will keep it going when they have families of their own. My girlfriend is coming again this year and I think the Hukkanen's are also going to come. Before we leave here those people in the nursing home are going to lock the door and hide when they see us coming haha. You guys have a wonderful Christmas and no matter what you decide to do it will always be great cause it will be done with love and each other.