Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our 100th Post & We're Still Here

Wow, this is our 100th post. It's unbelievable how FAR we've come to be here on 100.
Yes, hello, it's me Maryann....I know, It's been a long time. Greg has been harassing me to do a post and I finally have a chance. I just think it's kinda funny that my post comes in at 100. :0)

Well, life here just keeps getting better and better. We find ourselves happier and more excited everyday. Sure we have our down moments but with every new experience comes so much more appreciation for this place and our love for one another as a family. Does that cause you to have a tear? It does for me. I find myself contemplating that Greg and I are growing older, our son is becoming such a man and one day here soon he will be on his own and ready for life outside of ours. It is very exciting but also scary for me (and Greg) because our life has always been centered around John and his well being and what will happen when that day does come? Well, I can tell you this, Greg and I will be very supportive. John has always been a free spirit. John has always held a job and saved his dollar wisely. He's never confronted Greg as "just his stepfather", he has always called him dad and has always respected Greg. That makes me proud immensely. As of yet John has never been unruly or a typical teenager; defying his parents or saying mean and nasty things ( like I once did, sorry mom). John is a wonderful person to say the least, we have friends in California that absolutely adored John and didn't want us to leave because of the bond they had with him. He is just extraordinary and a wonderful person. What can I say, I am biased. :0) But knowing that that day may come soon, I cherish the moments we have together as a family, together, here.

Last night Greg and I were taking a pic of the moon rising above the lake when we heard what sounded like an animal walking just feet from us in the dark. Scary but I had a sneaking suspicion it was a moose and it was. It's amazing, moose are like cows they just graze and move, graze and move. And as long as you keep your distance and the dogs aren't out, your good to go.

It's been cold enough that I'm not too concerned that it may be a bear or wolf, but I still try to keep my distance-which is good, we have porcupines here. Ouch! :0) We're currently waiting for the next snowfall so Greg can spend another 20 hours or more plowing, he's getting the itch. A friend of his calls plowing"Pennies from Heaven".

I'm doing well, I have my moments when I miss certain aspects of California, friends and family but one day I will be back for a short stay to come back home to my piece of heaven here. I once lived in Mukilteo, Washington for 3 yrs and loved it so much that I cried driving back to California to start life anew (another story). I feel like I'm living back in Washington state again only it's 100% better and I am at home. This is my home. And if one day I change my mind, at least I can say I experienced Alaska and I loved it. But, don't hold your breath because life here is Awesome......Take care, love ya M.

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