Monday, November 12, 2007

Beautiful doings, funked becomings, and the sun shone...finally!

Had ya worried with that last post, didn't I? Sometimes it's healthy to have an alter-ego. Sometimes. But in actuality I am just fine. We are just fine. True, it seems like the sun hasn't been out much for a couple weeks now due to constant rain or overcast, and lessening daylight but we are still loving it. Anyone who has seen "The Shining" could appreciate the last post....those of you who haven't need to see it! I think I had to throw a bone to all those who took bets we wouldn't make it the first 6 months! Not losing it, not trying to escape the looming grip of winter, not looking at the dogs like tomorrow nights' roast....just loving it! Sanity prevails. The sun is coming up at 9:25 AM now, and setting around 4:15 P.M. but daylight continues to get less each day. Maryann took this picture a few days ago out the front door, as the sun was coming up.

If it seems like our posts have been fewer and far between, it's by no means that we are huddled mumbling to ourselves in complete darkness, losing our fragile minds, or that we are trying to find comfort in a 'light box', rather we have just been staying busy. Native Alaskans tell us this is what you do to keep from going nuts in the winter is keep busy. So far it's working....with the exception of the last : ) The temps have been pretty consistently cold now. Dips down into the low 20's to teens at night, and stays around the mid to low 30's by day, however the wind chill has been much colder. Been a little snow flurries, but no significant accumulations yet. It's very beautiful out though and it never gets boring to look at. This morning Maryann had to follow me into Kasilof right about sunrise and as the sun....yes, today had some sunny the sun was rising it was hitting the frozen tips of the aspen, and birch trees along the highway and they were literally lighting up as if they were being illuminated by strands of white Christmas lights. So vibrant! Never have the camera when you need it. Took all we had to stay on the highway, as you couldn't help but marvel at the magnificent beauty. It's little things like this that have stimulated the senses and make us truly appreciate where we are and how blessed we are to be here. And everyday brings something new and breathtaking. The other night I was coming home at sundown and as I was crossing over the Kenai river at the tidal flats, I was in complete awe to see that the high tides of early winter in the bay were literally spilling the Kenai over it's banks there at about the last mile or two of the mouth of the river. Thus they call it the "tidal flats". So the tidal flats become somewhat of wetlands.....until they freeze solid! In any event, I was really intrigued by what I saw. Again, as each new season has come, we discover new and exciting phenomenon and happenings of the land in which we live. It is duck season now, so you see a truck with a dog kennel in the back parked along the highway at the tidal flats now and then. Never see the hunters though. They are pretty elusive....huh huh huh huh huh!
I personally met a double blow this week. A leg injury that I acquired back in July came back to haunt me, tweaked out on me Friday night, and caused some serious inflicting pain, and major swelling. It is healing...again...much faster than in July, so I am thankful that it wasn't as bad. Maryann bought me a really good brace today, and I am going to get back to work tomorrow God willing, and see if I can at least fake it the rest of the week. I also had a major system failure with my kiln Sunday morning. I had it all loaded and ready to go with everything I have thrown for the 'Christmas In Kenai' show next week. Got up at 5:30 AM Sunday and started it up to do the first firing, and went back to bed. Woke up and went out to check on it at 9:00AM, and it was barely hot.....not a good sign. In 3 and a half hours, things should begin to glow in there. So with a bunk leg and complete disappointment, I fuddled around with it Sunday and this evening trying to figure out what is wrong. I have been in touch several times with the tech guy with Cress Mfg in Carson City and he is guiding me through the trouble shooting end of it, and I think we have it down. Bad news is I would have to pay out the nose to get the parts 1 or 2 day air, and then pray that they get here by Friday, I can get them replaced and they cure the problem, and then pull off 2 fires including glazing before Thanksgiving. Can it be done? Oh, it will be a hard run, man. But by the grace of God it can be done. So I am just remaining positive that I will be at that show come the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it will work out. I have really been looking forward to this one, as it is a big thing here every year. I will truly be bummed if I miss it. In fact, I will be buying a new kiln if I miss it! I will spare you the expletives that would follow that statement! So there you have it. Beautiful doings, funked becomings, and life rolling forward in the last frontier. I would write more, but I have an ensuing cramp in my right ass cheek due to the leg injury, and I have to walk it off! I leave you though with a couple pics. Two weekends ago when we were doing the weekend jaunt with the dogs on the beach, one of the pictures I took with Maryann and the dogs caught a boat in dry dock having some work done on it. Then, last week when we were out on the beach Monday, on our way out I saw the same boat sailing out into the inlet. The beauty of this sequence was the backdrop of the snow covered Aleutian Range poking out above the clouds across the inlet and the perception I had of this vessel, watching it sail into the storm that loomed ahead. Winds howling, black clouds prevailing, sea churning. Where as just the week before, we had the warmth of watching it obtain repairs and prepare for the voyage to sea completely unknown to us that we would one week later watch it set sail. Take care for now, and any donations for a new kiln would be much appreciated!! ; )

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Johns Girl said...

HI! Wow i havent talked to you guys in awhile. ALL of my family has been asking about you guys. They all say hi & hope your doing well. Talk to you soon=] ♥always Conetha!