Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wood matters.

So it has been asked by some lately....what does Greg's woodpile look like anyway? That is kind of a hard one to answer. Seeings how Greg's woodpile has been segregated into many woodpiles. Some has been stacked, some split and piled, and some still in the form of unbucked logs. But any way you slice's firewood! So I took a minute this morning to take some shots of the various piles scattered about. Some in front, some lining the back wall of the house, alot in the auxiliary room of the greenhouse, and of course that yet to be processed. Processed. Makes it sound like it is looking for legal entry into the U.S. Anyways. Keep in mind that as long as the weather is allowing, we will keep hauling it home. Just not sure how winter will be until we go through our first, and don't want to be caught short. Besides, any that is left over from this winter, is a jump on next winter. Although we don't have an official count, we know that we have 4 cords stacked now, and from the many years of past experience in woody math I suspect we have about 5 unstacked/split at this point. This totals 9 cords to date. Oh I am happy a man of this. Now you may be asking yourself, well, if he said they were going on their 8th cord in one of last weeks posts.....well, that was then, and another cord rolled in since! Like I said, as long as the weather allows, we will keep haulin' it home. There is an ample source of it out there. I just know the winter months are much longer and colder than what we have been used to in hot, sweaty, California, and I like the idea of the family staying warm... They do too! It's funny, Maryann pointed out the other day that as alot of our friends back home have been running fans and air conditioners all summer long, we have been running our furnace and woodstove! Amazing. Have a great weekend. In response to the whithered cry of a frustrated Mike K., blogger has been restructuring it's format the past week and those who like to comment couldn't. Apparently they have made it so now we have to review any comments and then we can publish them. So worry not our philosophical friend, for once again you can now comment with confidence! Take care for now.

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