Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Nature's Way

My gripe for the day:  Why can't people just leave things alone?  Some over paid genius at Blogger had the bright idea of completely changing Bloggers' format.  "You", the viewer, don't see it nor do you experience the pain in the butt in trying to figure out and navigate it just to do a post.  Only the administrator, me, can actually see and experience the delight in it all, on my end.  Thanks Blogger!  Great f*^kin idea you guys had!!  The world is a better and easier place now as a result!!

On a brighter note.  I have been trying to do better at grounding myself.  In general but especially after the past week and a half of the major snowfall, days on end with no sleep of plowing, and all of the utter excitement which comes with such a spectacle.  More on that in the next post!  But alas, I found the most intense form of grounding tonight with Maryann.  No, not holding a steel rod buried 12 feet in the ground whilst sucking on a live electrical wire.  Better!  When we went out to hit the hot tub tonight, to our excitement and surprise, we got to see a pretty cool light show, gratis to the Aurora Borealis!  What a better way to practice grounding oneself but to be in nature in this fantastic form.  It was about 13F degrees out, but we got to sit in the warm water of a105F degree hot tub out on the deck under the stars, viewing 'the lights'.  There is not much that comes to mind, at least for me, that makes you realize how incredibly small you are, than to watch this phenomenon before your very eyes.  Words cannot describe it and we both just love it!

I really was enjoying it too much as to want to get out and chase the camera to take pics.  But after a half hour of the show, we got out of the tub, went in and I did manage to catch some pics to share.  Mind you, scantly clothed, mystified in awe out in the frigid cold.....the things we do to bring this stuff for public view! Unfortunately, the best part of the show had already come and gone by the time we got out, but there was still some wonder to be seen!  Not as brilliant I suppose it could have been as if not for a full moon tonight.  But.  Here goes...enjoy!!


Update:  12:10 AM, now 8F degrees outside,was going to bed, looked out the window, crapped myself....here's why.  Not sure why these came out so blurry....maybe a foggy lense from being so cold?  Maybe because I forgot to put clothes on before I ran outside and was shaking so much from freezing my ass off??  It was all too breathtaking!   Still can't feel my fingers!!


RuB said...

wow !

Scott said...

Unbelievable!!! The pictures are breathtaking. I'm sure they don't do the live show any justice. So great that you got to witness this after such a killer work schedule. Truely inspirational. Scott