Saturday, February 19, 2011

Returning after a brief spell....

....And just as the daylight hours increase with life giving essence and endurance, so to, do they return.  After a long and seemingly unbelievable absence from my post of storyteller, fact practitioner, opinionated commentator and sharer of our life in the 'great land', I have returned!  To the followers, I apologize for leaving all at bay.  To the ones who lost interest and left...oops!  I can't really put a finger on it.  Oh, we are all just fine.  Nothing has happened, life is good, and winter although cold and at times unseasonably warm at other times, has been a blessing!  Sometimes, a person just losses the drive and ambition through no fault of their own, but rather to the consistent and ever present circumstances that may surround them.  In my case, busy with life, extremely busy with work...God has blessed us in so many ways this past year with a stable and secure income.  And, I don't know why, but a lack of motivation in the arena of writing.  You know how there have been times when you have to talk to someone for whatever the reason but you keep putting it off.  The longer you put it off worse you feel.  Then you put it off even more.....and pretty soon you are afraid to make the long needed contact that you just find it difficult to put yourself to it....  Best explanation I can give!

In the meantime, the world seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket if you listen to mainstream media.  Oh the stench of 'change' is in the air it seems everywhere.  Even in our own country, where an apparent overstock of 'shellac' this past fall seemed to find it's way all the way to the top, in the form of a rather harsh reality check!  That being simply, that people are pissed!!  All one can do is just try to live life each day the best they can, and do all they can do to make life a little better.  I struggle with this theory lately as frustration sometimes seems to take the drivers seat.

But enough of that.  Much has gone on around here this winter and it has been both accomplished and enjoyable, and some of it I will try to catch up on as the days go.  But for now, again, if your reading this, thanks for sticking around and for your support.    In the meantime, I wanted to share a few pics representative of winter and some of the joy to my soul it does bring.  Yes, I am still a sick little monkey and love the cold and snow!  We actually witnessed frozen fog last month up in Fairbanks.  It was a trip, man!  More on that later....

                                         4/5's of the pack!

                                          Snow play and frolicking!

 Mouth of the Kenai at low tide.  Those flow chunks of ice are easily the size of an SUV.

                                          A morning Mt Redoubt.

                               Sunset do no justice!

                             Intense 'fire sky'!  I love this sight!

                                               More sunset color.

  Whoa!  There is some of that 'stoic immensity' I've spoken of in the past.  That is a full size Chevy pick-up there that she is loving up to!  Can't tell by the tree in the way, but she is pregnant.

                  I got a little close here.  She let me know about it.
                A cold morning with a wisp of hoar frost about the birches.



pennywise said...

Those are some great pictures!

phyllis said...

Amazing pics Greg. It's easy to forget what a beautiful place you guys live in. Hard to believe it's part of our country. Yes, people are pissed off about what's going down in the U.S., and you're correct in that most go about their business, do the best they can, and try and make life a little better. Not long ago, this approach to life would bring unlimited happiness, not simply an attitude of "getting by".

Anonymous said...

Greg, When your busy, it's very hard to get all things completed in a timely manner, but your doing great. Mama Moose seems to love your lumber rack to scratch on. those are some great pictures. Thanks for the blog