Thursday, September 23, 2010

What if the Hokey Pokey was ‘what it’s all about’?

A very good question, and sometimes I wonder!  How stupid are we all feeling about now if it is!  This was the quest that Maryann was on tonight at the local street market at our undisclosed location for Love Fest 2010.  One of the street vendors was an old hippie selling old hippie attire and goods., and what else, but…. bumper stickers!  Some years back, M saw a bumper sticker on a bumper in La Honda that read, “What if the Hokey Pokey was what it is all about?”  From that day forth she fell in love with this and has been passively searching for it ever since.  Tonight she scoured through boxes of bumper stickers searching, only to find out that this is apparently a hot commodity and dude was sold out.  However, all she had to do was say “Hokey Pokey” to him and he knew immediately what….it was all about!  She found one that I particularly thought was a concept….
Big Truck, Little Willey”.
Brings to mind the whole theory behind ‘Napoleon Syndrome’!

Another stop at the market was to the incense dealer….  Got a huge deal on 250 rams of Nag Champa, which for anyone who knows a lick about incense knows that a pure grade India import like Nag Champa is very pricey….we got  a deal!!  He even handed it to me in a plain brown paper bag!  I felt so underground!  Along with the purchases of locally grown fresh vegetables, home grown tea, and a taste of some local fare, it made for a good evening roaming the streets of…..  You thought!

Meanwhile back home, news is that the temps are dipping pretty low in the nights now.    Fall is definitely in full swing.  We got all of the firewood stacked and covered before we left, so we are feeling ok.  That is the single most important thing for us, as heat is vital.  But we are a far cry away from home and that is the furthest thing from our minds at present.

Meantime we have been hitting the beach quite a bit.  Today Maryann was befuddled at a spectacle.  A duck hanging out in the tide pools with a bunch of seagulls.  Yeah…  Only Maryann would be so perceptive as to observe and bear witness to such an oddity of nature.  Later in the day, we both found the answer to the lack of aviary segregation in this instance as we witnessed a seagull, swimming in the pond with the ducks!  Seriously though, when was the last time you would have ever even paid attention to something like this?!  It does raise some serious questions in regards to civility and eliminating the racial divide.  If ducks and seagulls can get along, why cant we?!

Aside from nearly being taken out by a stray golf ball on a walk to the beach this morning from some novice with a bad aim, or a pro who tied one over the night before, whatever the case may be….the past two days have been enjoyable and we are soaking in the sun, the sea breeze….and the love!  The outdoor garden showers are still the sizzle for us both.  Our accommodations have also come with a hot tub, an in house full on artists studio at Maryann’s complete disposal, two guppies who are amazingly more intelligent than some humans I know, and a dog.  Yes, a dog!  And no, for those who think they have us pegged, we aren’t in Hawaii!  Far from it!  That’s it for now, and for the fortune of local coffee houses and juice bars with free WiFi, with a slight delay between the actual writing and posting on the blog, we will stay updated.  For now….life is good today!  Oh, here is something to try at home….wok your eggs!  Why scramble them, why fry when you can wok your eggs!  It should be a delight…..

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