Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho, Ho, Huh....

Besides wanting to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas", at the risk of offending those who don't want to hear that phrase, I thought it appropriate to post some interesting photo's that signify the sign of the times. These are all hand picked and real time originals, not Internet pics. This is how the days leading up to Christmas have come down at the compound.
This was a gift a friend of mine received for Christmas from a mutual friend of ours. Twisted sick little monkey he was, but I have to admit this Barack Obama Chia Head was a novel idea that every household should be required to have!

As you can see, my friend had his own message to send to our mutual friend. Good thing he has a cool sense of humor. I wonder what Chuck thought about gratitude when he received this 'Thank You' card?!

This is a gift we received yesterday. When Maryann walked out of the Post Office with it, the 'uni bomber' came to mind. Redneck wrapping paper: for those economically oppressed times! I have always said duct tape is all purpose.

Hmmm. When I walked in the other day, I thought to myself, "cool, Maryann ordered a pizza for dinner". Imagine my total astonishment when I saw the sticker in the lower left corner, telling me I couldn't have my pizza until Christmas! We do love and appreciate resourcefulness!! Guess what I'm having for breakfast this morning...

After nearly aborting the whole concept of a Christmas tree this year, a last minute 'Festivus Miracle' transpired, and this cute little tree appeared in our 'go-go cage'. I was hoping for a partially clad Rockette up in the cage this Christmas, but the cutest Christmas tree ever will do just fine! Guess it's time to put the 'pole' away for another year.

Yes, this was an interesting Christmas. The first as official empty nester's and definitely entertaining from where I sit! Make sure to check out this link to my latest Stage Of Life Christmas story.
A hopeful Christmas - Retirement Blog - Stage of Life - Stage of Life - Rewards for Life's Journey > Stage - Retirement > Posts
A special thanks goes out to the United States Postal Service for doing an exemplary job at essentially screwing it all up once again! The word down the pipeline is that people all over the nation have fallen victim to the inept inabilities for the Postal Service to efficiently deliver Christmas joy. And, for those mail loving sympathizers out there, let me comfort your doubt by reminding you that the Postal Service can't even deliver a letter in August properly. So the whole "their overwhelmed at Christmas time" crap doesn't fly here! This will be the first Christmas ever that I will not have the delectable honor of snacking on the seasonal anticipated 'Holly Grail' from pops. Thanks suck! Maybe we should have overhauled the Postal system as opposed to non existent health care.....

To everyone both far and near this season, we wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas.

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