Saturday, November 14, 2009

What was I thinking?

The other day I commented to Maryann that I was going to start writing my memoirs. She laughed at me! Why for, I know not. The point I was making was that I am forgetting things the older I get....don't worry, I haven't forgotten you...yet. Anyways, it just made good sense to me at the time I made the comment. I don't know, maybe I'll put it on hold! In the meantime.

Halloween went off with no incidents. No smashing pumpkins, no tricksters....actually no treaters either! Trust me when I tell you, nobody wants to come out Northroad to trick or treat. And why should they when they can all go into Kenai or Soldotna?! Interesting. When Maryann and I went into Soldotna, Hallowed Eve, to have dinner with none other than Sarah Palin. That's right, Sarah Palin for dinner. We passed the Boys & Girls Club in Kenai, and they were holding their anual Halloween tradition cleverly named, 'Trunk Or Treat'. Volunteering parents line the side of the street and parking lot with their vehicles and open their trunks and tailgates and hand out candy to the gathering masses of little ghouls, goblins and vampirette's. I guess part of the logic is that houses are spread out so far between each, the cold and snow that traditionally plauges Halloween Eve as well as the fact that is a safe session of fun. Ironically, against all reputation of didn't snow on Halloween.

So getting back to Sarah Palin. For those who haven't yet figured it out, it was our friend who is in fact a pretty spitting image of Sarah, who dressed up as Sarah to go out to the Duck for the Halloween bash. Hardy ha ha, eah! That was the extent of our Hallowed eve. A fun time out to dinner with a few friends and a nice evening at home in front of the fire. The next night, John and Jennifer came over and the four of us had a cool carving party. Enclosed are some pics of the outcome of our creativeness.
In relation to winter.... it's here,man! This morning we woke up to -10 below. For about the past few weeks, almost since we got back, we haven't really seen a day over 28 degrees, with the past week dipping into teens and single digits. It started snowing earlier in the week, so we are trully in business now with the winter weather. And after spending 2 weeks in sultry, sweaty,'s a damned welcomed sight!

I spent the later half of the summer really pumping out production pottery, and by the time we went on vacation, I had a huge inventory, racks full, of pottery ready to be glazed and high fired upon return. At which point we returned and I have had my kiln running weekly since. With one more high fire glaze load left to go, all in anticipation for the string of shows I have, am, and will be continuing to do til Christmas. Four weekends definitely, with one possible weekend gig on the rail, pending the extent of inventory when we get to that point. With last weekend being my first of the series and this weekend being at Soldotna High, sales have been excellent! It has been a hoot, as just as much as the money, I really do enjoy the scene, the smiles, and the satisfaction of knowing that a little piece of me has gone out to so many families and people. It is a real satisfactory feeling really. Maryann has been my definitive 'right hand' so far, as it is alot of work setting up, breaking down at the end of the weekend, and being there for those times that my tables are mobbed. Thanks to you my sweetest!

Now you see, I had a funny story to tell and I have forgotten what it was! And sure as toot I will remember when I sign off and crawl into bed. I guess that may be some fauder for the next post. With sunrise at about 9:15AM and sunset at 4:30PM, we are continuing to lose about 5 minutes of sunlight a day. And so we bid you goodnight, and leave you with the anticipation of the coming literary development....of my memoirs....if I dont forget first! (snicker) You never know! I always have said a book is in the future, and my mind hasn't changed on that. Our love to all.

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