Monday, January 26, 2009

A ring of fire...huh?!

The conversation leaving the dinner table, 10 minutes ago: "I hope it was just a burp, I don't know if I am ready for all of this." Replies: "Honey, we live in the ring of fire!" Me: "yeah, I know, but...ugh."

The only ring of fire I ever knew of was the one sung by the late Johnny Cash. And he was singing of love! Now when we signed on for this adventure, we were very well aware of the fact that we were moving right into volcano ville, otherwise known as "the ring of fire". That didn't bother us...much. The last eruption of Mt Redoubt, across the bay (the one we flew over, Scott and Phyllis), was in 1989. A guy could figure that the chance of another one in his lifetime is....well, slim! Now, today I find out that we are currently in a level 'orange' which is one level off of red. Now, level red just has a red triangle with '!' in the middle of it. Hmmmm. Doesn't take much to imagine what '!' means! We have boxes of food stocked, plenty of water....even firearms and ammo for a possible apocalypse....or Russian invasion...but tomorrow we are off to get pantyhose and dust masks. Yes, pantyhose and dust masks. Use you imagination... Just not sure we are ready for this! Stay tuned, like I said after dinner, "hopefully it is just a burp". Mom, dad, we may be flying down to see you sooner than you thought....and I don't mean in a jet!! Here are a few links to check out. Our personal U.S.G.S coorespondant and activity monitor, Diane, will no less be all over this! We love you Diane, for looking over us!!

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Damn just when the cold snapped, the earth could not hold its gas any longer...was it a burp or a fart? Fire Fire Fire...last night I watched the movie FIREPROOF. Great stuff...fireproof does not mean that one cannot avoid fires, its profound meaning is that when fires come, the safety in the midst of fire, like in the book of Daniel, with flames licking your heels, God protects those who call on Him. Anyway --- i always enjoy reading your post about the reality of your brave adventure.