Thursday, November 27, 2008

Petered out, or, be careful what you wish for....

And so we have come to the day of being Thankful, talking to family, being fat and happy....and the day before "Christmas In Kenai", the much anticipated show of the year. Being excited as I have been, I worked very diligently for the past month and a half, and more especially for the past 2 weeks, to make sure I was equipped, stocked and ready to go. And I am! However, not without hitches of which reach beyond my control, yet within my anticipation. As you know, besides being the Handyman and maintenance business guy that I am, I turn into Mr. Plow come winter. Snow plowing is the easiest hard work I have ever done! I mean, the cool thing is I am out "in it" which anyone who really knows me knows that I live for being "in it" when it comes to the elements. The heater in the cab is cranking, windows are usually down to see out the side view mirrors as blowing snow is always an element, especially when it freezes the minute it hits the windows....imagine snow freezing to the windshield upon contact! And you cant wipe it off with the windshield wipers!!! The stereo is going with the favorites, you find yourself soon enough in a zone with a big ol grin on your face, watching a wave of snow fly off the front of your blade, and the feeling of the final thrust as it explodes into the burm you've created...yeah! A thermos of hot cocoa is a plus, and I love making yellow snow everywhere my travels take me! Meeting up several times through the day and the comorodity with your other friends who plow, and conversing continuously with them via cell phone to find out what conditions are in certain areas, come help me I'm stuck, can you get so and so for me while your out in Sterling and yeah, I'll catch so and so when I get back over to Kenai for you... The flip side is a typical snow day starts at around 1:00AM and will sometimes ride through til 10:00PM that night, unless it continues to snow and then you only get a few hours of sleep before your up and out again at 1:00 AM to do it over again. By 10:00PM after that first run your eyes are caved in, your head hurts from turning your neck so much, like a 'Lazy Susan' at a free for all table food fest.... Then there is that feeling. You are standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of water and you feel your body gently swaying forward....backward....forward....backward, from all of the back and forth for the past 20 hours. But then the next day when you wake refreshed, and feeling somewhat hung over, you add up the coin for the previous days fare, and it is oh so worth it! So getting back to the point I was about to make, I have been really praying for the snow to fly. And so my prayers came true....oye. You see, the caveat has been "please snow, but don't snow during the two days of the show". Right. The call came in Tuesday night at around 8:00PM that we were expecting a dumping over night. Now the adrenaline is going, the excitement is mounting and you just cant settle in to sleep. Your up every hour peeking out the window to see "how much" like a little kid anticipating Santa's arrival. Before you know it it's 12:30AM and the alarm is going off. And so the fun run goes down. Fast forward to Wednesday night at around 10:00PM, I am home, eyes caving, body gently swaying, I still have hours of unloading the final kiln load, pricing and packing all of the new pieces, getting the tables and paraphernalia together ect, ect, ect. I just wanted to sleep. Bad. So Thanksgiving morning rolls around and I find myself sleeping in til 9:30AM, wonder why, and we have to be at our friends' for dinner at 12:30PM. I figure cool beans, we will be home early and I can price, pack, gather and load the truck. It will be a long day, but it's doable. Until I eat, and eat, and eat. Good food, good friends, good it's 6:30Pm and we are just rolling home. Hey, not to worry, I am only running on fumes as I am still tired, and have to do all of this in order to be up at 5:30AM Friday and off to Kenai to set up. All week I have watched the weather to make sure we would have no I have a definitive say in it...and that last blast came totally unexpected. But no worries, it is smooth sailing because as of Thanksgiving morning, there is no accumulative snow expected til next week. It's been a long haul but I can do it! Maybe?! I will be fine. So here we are, 9:30PM Thanksgiving evening, I am done with a little help from the family. Truck is packed, we are good as gold. And the forecast is now expecting 6 inches of snow by Friday night. The show, the snow....I am already petered out as it is, and can only say...."be careful what you wish for"... But the sick little monkey in me is saying 'giddy-up'! Interesting point to add. There will be the annual 4th of July fireworks display and festivities Saturday night in Kenai. We celebrate 4th of July here in November, because it is too light out to see fireworks on the 4th of July! Too cool, aint it!


The Boehme Family said...

I stumbled across your blog today looking for info on the Christmas in Kenai celebration tomorrow. I read your blog for a long time. It was fun, thanks. I live in Nikiski as well. I will look for your pottery tomorrow! Erinv

Anonymous said...

Hi Son,
Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family. Sorry i could'nt talk to you sooner on the computer, but the crazy thing has crashed and burned so many times I think I own a piece of the ATT&T phone line, at least my cable coming In :-)))
I'm still waiting on the phone for the Norton Anti to come on the phone, and help me with the security portion of the comnputer.
Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with your friends up their. Ours was over at Sams, and Juli, Dennie, and Tif and TJ went over to Suzies. It was fun because Andy, Sandy, Hunter and Sarha came down for the week, and are leaving tomarrow morning at 6:00AM for the long drive home. Andy, Hunt and I went to the Car Show over in San Fransisco at Mosqune Center, it was fun lots of new Cars and Hot rods also :-)))
Sounds like you are having fun at the craft show, thats exciting, I know you will do excellent, as you always do,and that Kilm is wonderful, full of tricks and gazits to push and lights to light up. I'm happy for you with the snow plowing, sounds like fun work, which I know you like and I use to like to do also. Son I have to go for now, but god blessed you with all your talents.
Mom and Dad say to you and your wonderful family, WE LOVE YOU
P.S. John called and left uis a message that he passed his test with a 95% score, We are so proud of him for all he has done. Give him a big hug for us.
Good night

The Boehme Family said...

Sorry I didn't make it to your show - trust me, you didn't want my 3 boys and my niece there. They were a little hyper from the events of our day. I hope it went well. Erin