Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ok, we are losers!

Just like our friend Yvette, so to are we feeling the guilt of not posting as much as we should for those who are still with us. And like Yvette, we will at least get 1 or 2 in for the month of October! What to say. Winter is definitely upon us now. We have had snow on and off for a couple of weeks, and it is sticking around now. The daytime temps are not getting too much over 35, and the nightime temps dropping into the 20's and I believe the teens as of last night. The lake has began to freeze, and in fact the lite snow from this morning has stuck to the surface, rendering it lifeless until next spring. The ground is freezing up good as we were reminded 2 mornings ago at 6:00AM as the grader tried in vain to smooth out the potholes on our road one more time before heavy winter. It sounded like a 747 being pulled on its belly across a mile of pavement, or a train wreck in slow motion. Was horrifying! Even John who could sleep through the war came running out of his room in complete disarray!! Mind you it didn't do a whole lot of anything, because....the ground is frozen! That and with the days shortening comes the begining of the alpenglow throughout the sky. So cool! Fall did go by in a flash. Sun is rising at around 9:45 AM and setting around 4:30PM, and the darkest days are slowing coming upon us. All in all we are all ok, and keeping busy with work, school, and the like. Maryann is undergoing a realization of sort to just how much of a complete butthole she was working with this past summer. Yes, Sweet-Pea. I think in the past week and a half she has quit and come back 4 times, with one of those times being a real resignation, and still worming her way back into the scene. Oh, she is a snake that one. Alot of drama with her. As of today, Maryann is full on the boss of all bosses, and Sweet-Pea is now working under Maryann as solely the accountant, with the task of advising Maryann where advisement may be needed. Oh, the last episode before the resignation was a scene from Seinfeld. Apparently the president made the moronic decision for Sweet-Pea and Maryann to essentially hash out their salaries amongst each other, with each having an idea of what their responsibilities were going to be. However, Sweet-Pea was insistent that she wanted to remain on the top paying bracket, with giving little to no additional position to Maryann. Maryann didn't budge. This was where Sweet-Pea quit, I believe it was the second time, following up with a tear-jerking session with one of the other owners. Then days later she comes back to the table, still the same unreasonable little bitch, only this time with the President of the company on conference call with the two of them. I guess she made herself out to be a real winner with that conversation, and after the conference call was over, Maryann and the owner started a talking about how impossible she has been and continues to be. This is where it gets good. Apparently minutes later, Sweet-Pea calls Maryann on her cell. Picking up her cell phone, Maryann sees that it is her and says that it can't be that important they just hung up with her and so she silenced the call. So her and the owner continue just raking Sweet-Pea and her abrasive personality and rude behaviors into the dirt, most of it coming out of the owners mouth. He was pissed! A while later Maryann's phone rings yet again, and Maryann just ignores it, checking the voicemail an hour or so later on her way out. It was a message from Sweet-Pea. She proceeds to tell Maryann that she went ahead and forwarded some information that Maryann needed to her email. Then she continues to advise that in the future, Maryann make sure that when she goes to check who is calling to hit the 'silence' button instead of the 'accept' button because she heard everything that the owner and Maryann had said regarding her.....holy crap! In all of your days....! Unbelievable. This is what prompted her official resignation. But much like a sequel to some horror flick, just when you thought she was dead, the bitch came back to life! And so the latest....Maryann is full manager over her and even the other on-site manager, and Sweet-Pea is a lowly accountant, getting much less pay than she so heartlessly fought for. Best of all, Maryann's dream has come true, she is officially working from home now, with maybe a trip a week to the office. Yes, the good guy won! Bravo Maryann for sticking it out and growing the proverbial brass huevos! John is attending his E.T.T. (Emergency Trauma Technician) class in Soldotna several nights a week. He just finished working with an out of the area contractor on an addition project. He made good coin, and now is wanting more. I referred him to a contractor who is a friend of one of my clients who may need a skilled laborer, and John definitely fits that bracket. So lets hope. The dogs are elated to finally have snow again, and love running around playing 'grab ass' in it! And so the 2nd winter in the 'great land' begins. Ought to be a good one as we are much more prepared, have plenty of wood, a stocked freezer of fish and determination to make it so. Have a great weekend, and enjoy those warm temps!

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