Friday, January 4, 2008

Did you really want us to call you at 12am 1/1/08 Alaska Time

Well Happy 2008, we all survived. I don't know about you but 2007 was generous and wonderful for us, the Phillips family. We started 2007 on a high note of wanting to be back in Alaska after the last trip in November 2006. This prompted us to finish the updating of the Dorrington cabin to ultimately put it on the market. After 3 days we received multiple offers and realized our dream was fastly approaching. We needed to make that crucial decision, to sign the papers and make the long trek to Alaska or say no and stay. We chose our dream knowing we had full faith that this was the direction we were supposed to take.

We met many wonderful people along the way of following our dream, including our new friends and owners of the Dorrington cabin, "The Hulmes". Meeting up w/Michelle on the ferry, the "Columbia" on our way to a dream come true. And then the arrival and the realization of what we had just accomplished as a family. WOW!

So, in 7 months we established Greg's business here, which has over exceeded our expectations and left us both in awe. John developing an appreciation for this Great Land and joining a terrific circle of amazing friends. As well as celebrating his 17th birthday amongst the darkest but most beautiful day in Alaska, with a smile on his face. Add the 1st holidays spent here with the curiosity and excitement of what 2008 will bring us.

My hopes for John are, good health, a successful spring/summer of commercial fishing, time with new/old friends plus family, added time with his parents, and the enjoyment of being young. Truly seeing him happy is what I want for 2008.

For Greg I wish him more wonderful friends, health, more time with John and I, traveling Alaska, enjoying friends/family here, more couple time, discussing more art issues including pottery/watercolors and such. And developing a school for students at our studios.

2008 is going to be a wonderful year. I wish everyone good health, prosperity, time with your loved one/s and enjoying the simple pleasures that surround you. When you think a negative thought, immediately realize how you can turn that negative thought into something positive. Realize your dreams and MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Make 2008 a positive thinking year and great things will come to you. They have for us. Love you all, M.

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